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Gelato Cakes

Any Flavor, Any Time, For any Occasion. Made to order we hand craft these beautiful cakes with our Homemade Gelato and crumbled baked goods. We have an ever changing variety of gelato flavors so let us know what your dream cake is and we'll make it for you (Even if it means inventing a new gelato!). Call us in advance and we'll make it ready for pick up. 


Our flavors change like the seasons. We want every visit to be as unique as the last so we strive to ad as much variety in our 24 flavor case as possible. Here are a few of our ever changing delectable flavors. 


Stracciatella - Nutella - Hazelnut - Walnut - Oreo - Peanut Butter - Cap'n Crunch - Peanut Butter Chocolate Sweet Cream - Chocolate - Vanilla - Pumpkin Spice - Pumpkin Latte - Pumpkin Chi - Apple Pie - Cinnamon - Tiramisu - Bacia - Caramel - Strawberry - Coconut - Coffee - Mint Chip


Lemon - Orange - Cherry - Blood Orange - Raspberry

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